Neurochemistry is the analysis of the identities, structures and functions of compounds (neurochemicals) produced by the nervous system and modulized by it. Neurochemicals include oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and other compounds controlling neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters. Neurochemistry is a pure branch of organic chemistry, which in effect, in the wider sense, is part of chemistry. For recognizing certain neurological and cognitive conditions such as epilepsy and acute encephalopathy, a clear awareness of neurochemistry and the naming scheme of the specific components is useful.



  • Molecular neuroscience
  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Neurogenesis
  • Neuroimmunology
  • Neuromodulation
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Neuroplasticity or synaptic plasticity
  • Signal transduction

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