Packaging and Packing Materials

One of the most important packaging features. Packaged products can require mechanical shocks, friction, stress, temperature, electrical discharge, fogging, etc. protection. The packaging must provide sufficient protection against different chemical agents, such as oxygen or water vapour. Diverse types of desiccants are used for this purpose. High-quality packaging which can be reused and recycled several times is an immense environmental advantage. The containment and logistics consists of preparing assortment sets, particularly delivery pieces, which facilitate their transportation and storage. It also requires the optimisation of the load power of various means of transport. The packaging may contain information about the use of a product, how it is transported, how the packaging or product contained therein is recycled and used. Marketing means using the packaging and branding to persuade potential buyers to purchase a product.



  • Packaging for Nonthermal Food Processing
  • Hygienic plant design
  • Chilled foods packaging
  • Biodegradable Polymer Nanobiocomposite Packaging Materials
  • Hazard control by segregation in food factories
  • Packaging materials for non-thermal processing of food and beverages

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