Waste Recycling and Management

Waste management or disposal is all the activities and actions required from its inception until its final disposal to manage the waste. This covers among other issues, waste generation, storage, care and recycling along with control and enforcement. It also contains the legislative and administrative system pertaining to waste management including recycling guidelines etc.



  • Recycling - Application & Technology
  • Cementitious Binders Incorporating Residues
  • Industrial By-products
  • Recovery of Metals from Different Secondary Resources (Waste)
  • Recycling of Carbon Fibers
  • Recycling of Construction and Demolition Wastes
  • Recycling of Packaging
  • Separation of Large Municipal Solid Waste
  • Recovery of Construction and Demolition Wastes
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management
  • Developments in Collection of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Recycling in Waste Management Policy

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